EC 5000 Energy Controller 

Use energy efficiently and reduce costs

Therefore, energy-efficient regulations are the key to reducing energy consumption in hall heating. 

The interactively controllable EC 5000 Energy Controller LK provides the basis for optimal device-specific setting for all necessary parameters. It has been specially developed for direct heated heating and ventilation systems. The EC 5000 power controller is characterised by the user-friendly system management. All information can be accessed quickly and easily via a list view. 

The individually adjustable parameters such as the operating mode and the set points of the heating control, thermal re-circulation of the return air ceiling fans and ventilation programme can be adapted efficiently to different operating conditions. The current state of the system can be determined quickly by the overview sketch. In the overview, among other things, the percentage proportion of outside air, the respective combustion stage, room, roof and outdoor temperature, and fan speed are summarised graphically. 

With the use of multiple systems, control can optionally be carried out over a master generator, which is connected to the individual base stations. The new system provides over a field bus connection or Ethernet-based field bus control, the possibility to enable rapid and reliable implementation.

The EC 5000 Energy Controller Overview

  • decentralised energy-efficient heating and ventilation control 
  • comfortable handling because of the simple list display and navigation
  • clear display for fast situation detection
  • freely programmable
  • automatic switching to summer or winter operation
  • suitable for direct heated heating and ventilation systems
  • logged malfunction or failure
  • field bus connection or ethernet-based field bus control