Torluftschleier TL-R

Air curtain TL-R 

Significantly decrease incoming cold air through hall doors

The air curtain TL-R from LK contributes to significantly reducing incoming cold air from frequently opened hall doors. Preheated air is drawn down via individual ventilation modules from the upper hall area and through special, adjustable slot nozzles in front of the door. 

The high air velocity of the downward facing slot nozzles reduces the otherwise free flowing cold air in the hall. The control of the ventilation modules is in automatic mode, depending on outdoor temperature via door contact or floating directly above the door controller. Before installing an air curtain, in any case, ensure that the air ratios are balanced in the hall and no vacuum is present. 

Overview of air curtain TL-R

  • low investment costs
  • high energy savings 
  • individually adjustable slotted air nozzles 
  • high discharge velocity with the use of centrifugal fans 
  • with modular design, it is adaptable to any door width 
  • up to a 7m door width there is a self-supporting installation option