Warm air heater RE eco

Halls will be heated economically and as needed

The warm air heater RE eco was developed especially for heating and ventilation of production and logistics halls.The warm air heater RE eco is installed directly under the ceiling. Because of the steady heat cushion under theceiling, such as process and lighting waste heat and heat from sunlight, energy costs are considerably reducedand your wallet is spared. The temperature difference between the floor and hall ceiling, when using warm airheaters is RE 0.1 ° C to 0.4 ° C per meter.

The possibility of application of the decentralised warm air heaters RE eco extends across the heating andventilation of new halls to hall renovations or modernisation. Since halls have different structures, the airdistribution will be adapted to any situation.

The use of the warm air heater RE eco LK guarantees tensile and dust-free air distribution in the hall. Directly heated warm air heaters warm the air without going through a heat transfer medium such as water or steam. This increases the efficiency. Up to 95% of the energy used is converted directly into heat and supplied to the room.

Overview of warm air heater RE eco

  • Highest efficiency through direct heating
  • Heating, ventilation and heat recovery in one unit
  • Draught and dust-free air distribution through special air distributor
  • External heat sources are used
  • Long-term warranty on the combustion chamber and heat exchanger (This requires a maintenance contract)