Solar air collector 

Resource-saving heating of halls

Solar air collectors are suitable in combination with LK warm air heaters ideal for solar-assisted heating and ventilation of large buildings such as industrial, storage, commercial and multi-purpose halls. The solar air collectors use solar energy to heat the fresh air from the outside and carry it along with the ascending space heating of the decentralised LK hall heating system. 100% regeneration today in many places is still a utopia, but a part of the energy requirement can usually be covered with little effort through solar heated air. 

With solar air collectors, freezing, leaking or evaporation is entirely impossible. Even with longer standstill periods, trouble-free operation is ensured. 

In overview, solar air collectors:

  • heat fresh air 
  • reduce heating costs by up to 50%
  • conserve resources
  • achieve high profitability through high efficacy
  • minimal maintenance costs
  • for steep, flat-roof or wall mounting
  • easy to upgrade existing heating systems
  • meet the requirements of EEWärmeG