LK Lüftungsanlage REKU
Kühle oder warme Frischluft in Produktions- und Industriehallen

Ventilation system REKU

The piggy bank on the roof!

The decentralised Ventilation system REKU is equipped with a plastic or aluminiumheat exchanger (recuperator). With this innovative heat recovery, of the air extractedfrom your indoor hall, up to 84% is recovered as precious energy.

Through this, post-heating of the extracted outside air is only minimally required. Thisprotects the finite resources and your wallet. The amortisation of the Ventilation system REKU is thus reached quickly.

The demand for air is provided via direct drive EC fans. For reheating the incoming airsupply, a pumped warm water damper register or an electric heating register can beused as desired.

Ventilation system REKU 10
Ventilation system REKU 7/73
Ventilation system REKU installed on the sidewall

Overview of ventilation system REKU

  • Efficiency up to 73% 
  • compact design
  • Roof or wall installation
  • high reliability and low maintenance costs
  • low operating costs