Ventilation system RK-K

Powerful and versatile

The ventilation system RK-K LK has been specially developed for halls where constantair exchange is necessary. The installation of the ventilation system RK-K occurs in thebuilding or outside the building as a weather-resistant roof control system. Through theuse of a modulating natural gas burner, only the amount of heat is supplied to the airstream which would be required to achieve the desired air outlet temperature.

Due to the 100% high system efficiency, the efficient operation of the decentralisedventilation systems RK-K is guaranteed.

With a control possibility of 40 to 100%, compliance at very precise temperature limits ispossible. The condensing mode uses the existing latent heat in the combustion air forheating (condensing boiler technology). The system is intended for gas operation.

The ventilation system RK-K can optionally be used as a combined air intake andexhaust air system with integrated heat recovery. The ventilation systems RK-K are usedin i.e. galvanisation, foodstuff, production, logistics and multi-purpose halls.

Overview of RK-K ventilation systems:

  • high efficiency of 100 % (based on the heating value)
  • Energy saving through modulating operational mode
  • Operating with natural gas or LPG