Energieeffizient trocknen
LKPT Kompaktanlage

Compact system PT 

Energy efficient drying and fresh air circulation

The compact system PT has been specially developed for use in painting and drying processes and is comprised of the following three basic components: 

  • Heat exchangers
  • Fresh or circulating air supply with integrated filter
  • Exhaust with switchover valve or solid partition plate 

The enclosure consists of galvanised frame profiles, die-cast aluminium corners and insulated panels that are bolted to the enclosure frame. By installing highly efficient free-running centrifugal impellers to be adjusted by frequency converter operating points, this system technology achieves low noise levels and energy consumption at outlet temperatures of a max. or more than 80 °C. 

At the customer's requesting, on a project-specific basis various additional components can be installed in your process technical control system: 

  • exhaust filter
  • Cross-flow heat exchanger for heat recovery
  • combined heating and cooling with droplet separator
  • upstream heater for pre-warming of supply air
  • Pod as base for variable air intake
  • Accessories (thermostats, pressure cells, volume flow rate stabilisation, FU's etc.) 

System variants  
The compact system PT by LK for painting and drying processes can be manufactured in seven sizes, in both vertical and horizontal designs, depending on the project requirements. In the process technical system configuration, the customer can choose as it regards the heating method between direct-heated combustion chambers, gas surface burner, pumped warm water and electric heating registers. 

Overview of the compact system PT

  • concerted heating and air services
  • customer specific manufactured system technology incl. accessories
  • Heating media: natural gas, LPG, oil, hot water, electricity
  • heat recovery option
  • Use of high quality materials
  • low energy consumption due to high combustion processes and fan efficiencies as well as use of WRG
  • easy installation due to modular construction
  • easy maintenance owing to quick access to the fan assembly, extensible filtering and cleaning openings of the heat exchanger via a separate operator cover 
  • reduced sound level through use of innovative wheel designs