Sound-insulating cabin

Sound-insulating cabins insulate noise at the source

The best remedy for high noise pollution is to reduce the noise at the source, such as the machine. One measure is enclosure with a complete, sound-insulating cabin, which quite effectively separates the noise from the rest of the room. For this, wall and ceiling panels made of sheet steel are also insulated with mineral wool filling, so as to significantly reduce the noise level. Depending on the use of the machine, fleece or foil coverings are also used as drip protection or as a shield against moisture and oil separator for noise-insulating cabins.

With floor to ceiling sound insulating walls, with a compact or sandwich design, employees are also effectively protected from noise. If necessary, sound-insulating glazing can be integrated.


Sound insulating cabins with soundproof glazing for transmission test stands and control room.
Sound insulating cabins with telescopic sliding doors.
Noise protection hood on braiding machines
Sound insulating cabins with sliding doors for a press.
Sound insulating cabins for combined heat and power plant (BHKW).

Overview of Sound insulation

  • Self-supporting sandwich construction, or 
  • overall durable construction with frame construction
  • removable sound-insulating elements
  • smooth-moving wing, sliding or lifting doors
  • Sound-insulating glazing
  • fast assembly and disassembly
  • sound reduction index Rw = 40 dB at only 50 mm wall thickness
  • various special components such as ventilation, fans or filters possible
  • Air conditioning
  • expandable design