Silencers for ventilation systems

Silencers for ventilation systems

Individual low-noise models

The silencer from LK is particularly well suited for reducing the noise of ventilation, exhaust or pressure lines. For the specific requirements of different systems, we offer both round and splitter silencers, optionally with integrated fan.

Silencer enclosures from LK are made of sheet steel, aluminium or stainless steel and are suitable for an air flow rate of 300 m³/h to 300,000 m³/h. Your design is adapted to the local circumstances. We analyse the frequency spectrum, the available space, and the pressure loss and create a customised, cost-effective concept. 

Exhaust air silencer integrated in the hall roof.
Exhaust air silencer with weather protection grille.

Overview of Silencer

  • integrated or separately installed fans
  • Splitter attenuator
  • Pipe silencer with and without inner core