Liquid Separator "System H"

Economic and environmentally friendly oil-water separation

Oils, light liquids and heavy liquids represent an enormous potential hazard for water. On the other hand, they offer, due to their specific physical properties, the advantage that they can be separated by mechanical separation systems from water unlike other substances. The separating effect of light liquid separators is based on the different specific weights of various liquids such as oil and water. 

Oil separator or petrol separator is offered in accordance with the Water Act (CWA) and in conformity with the DIN 1999-100, DIN EN 858-2 at optimal cost and environmentally friendly solution for the treatment of oil-contaminated water. The provisions of DIN 199-100 and DIN EN 858-2 are not only satisfied by all sizes of the "System H" separator, but far exceeded. 

"System H" are detached erected separators made of stainless steel. Due to the stable construction and the absence of moving parts, the separators are very low maintenance and provide service features with 5-year exams for optimum economic and environmental benefits. The separator can be equipped with a variety of options and are available in several special versions.


  • Upstream sludge trap
  • Downstream pump pit
  • Easy to retrofit to coalescence separator 
  • After treatment steps such e.g. activated carbon filters or filtration
  • Pontoon skimmer

Special Version

  • Heavy liquid separator
  • Three-phase separation
  • Mobile plant e.g. oil clean-up
  • Plastic version 

Overview of Liquid Separator "System H"

  • Double-acting oil drain 
  • Separated oil storage
  • High and constant efficiency
  • No moving parts
  • space-saving design 
  • Low maintenance and installation costs
  • 5-year general inspection