Water treatment and waste water technology for industry and trade

Nowadays almost every industrial manufacturing process in which water is used needs a professional water treatment. Industry and trade demand a consistently high water quality. Water is not only one of the most precious resources, but different tasks are involved from cooling water through process water to rinsing water. For the removal of certain ingredients and fulfilment of strict specifications, appropriate treatment technology must be installed because there are different quality standards for the water used depending on the industry. 

Since the establishment of water treatment business unit in 1980, LK designed around the patented separator system "System H" a variety of water treatment systems for industry and trade. To address the high procedural requirements and maximum availability of technical plans, LK plans and builds waste water treatment systems of various capacities, in energy-saving and space construction with high quality materials. The individual and innovative solutions can thereby include the following types of systems: 

  • Liquid Separator System H
  • Physical Process
  • Chemical Process

Products and Process of WATER TREATMENT: