Kompaktanlage Aquafil


The Plug & Play solution for process water treatment

The Aquafil compact system is a complete filtration system to clean particulate-free process water. The main components are the integrated oil separator and the membrane filter module. Here PLC are supported both through the entire process, as well as in the cleaning of the membrane which automatically regulates itself. 

With less than 2 m in height and the dimensions of a euro pallet, the system is easy to transport, easily accommodated in existing production facilities and is suitable for 50 to a maximum of 100 litres of process water per hour. Under appropriate conditions, the purified water is circuit capable or can be introduced into the public sewer system. It should be noted that the liquid to be treated does not contain substances which are not membrane permeant.  

Overview of Aquafil

  • Complete compact system 
  • Dimensions of a euro pallet
  • Plug & Play
  • Automatic control of operation and cleaning

Your contact for the water treatment division

Sales area WEST
Vanessa Winkler, Distribution
phone: 0172 / 8626143
email: winkler@lk-metall.de

Sales area EAST
Albert Redmer, Distribution
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