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Comprehensive expertise in plant engineering

Take advantage of our knowledge to save precious energy.

Benefit from our concentrated expertise when it comes to tailoring your systems entirely to the individual needs and requirements within your process chain!

We offer you all possibilities.

Contact us – in the way that is easiest and most convenient for you. Together we can then determine how we can support you the best in line with your requirements!

  • Implement the processes in your overall systems that are particularly efficient and profitable for your needs
  • Selecting the dimensioning and placement of the machines in the way that is best in terms of the plant configuration, but also for your specific conditions on site
  • Select the quality of your plant components in such a way that their maximum service life and minimum maintenance intensity can thus be ensured
  • To determine the extent to which you want to design the machine to be climate-, environment- and resource-friendly
  • Determine to what extent you want to take over operation, maintenance and services yourself or outsource them to us
Quality all along the line

Quality all along the line

Quality optimization is specifically formulated as a corporate objective and thus plays a central role in our corporate policy. Well-trained and highly motivated employees are of central importance.

In this context, we understand the concept of quality as a company-wide strategy, with the help of which all areas of our company are prompted to work independently on continuously improving the quality of our products, services and processes. Quality is a requirement for our entire company.

Play on Team LK!

LK Metallwaren delivers top performance in the areas of hall heating, sound insulation, water treatment and process technology – every day and for every customer. Das schaffen wir mit Kompetenz, Knowhow und Teamgeist.

This is how plant engineering becomes a passion – and with each committed employee, the powerful TEAM LK grows. We are happy to hear from anyone who is interested in driving the company forward with their commitment – whether at our location in Schwabach (Middle Franconia) or in Weißandt-Gölzau (Anhalt).

Play on Team LK!