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Der LK-Abscheider in Verbindung mit Ultrafiltration, Spaltanlagen und LK-Tangentialabscheider

Efficient recycling of industrial water

In today's plant engineering, understanding "non-monetary" facts from the environment, politics and economics is essential for effective and safe operation. This applies to new plants as well as existing technology. Changes in all areas require…
Mit dem LK Warmlufterzeuger GCS wird zu 100 % die Außenluft genutzt, um über Wärmepumpen die Wärme zu gewinnen

Optimal climate throughout the year

Resource-saving - cost-saving - climate-friendly: With the LK Warm Air Generator GCS, LK Metallwaren has developed a new generation of hall heaters. It guarantees industrial companies optimal climatic conditions throughout the year and does…
Schwerpunkt des Auftritts wird diesmal die Vorstellung von Warmlufterzeugern der Marke GCS sowie der bewährten REKU-Lüftungsanlagen sein.

Efficient heating – intelligent ventilation

This year, the Stuttgart LogiMAT will again be held with the participation of the plant manufacturer LK Metallwaren. From April 25-27, 2023, this will bring its visitors up to date on the use of efficient, resource-saving hall heating and ventilation…
LK-Leichtflüssigkeitsabscheider an Waschanlage

LK separator for deoiling and degreasing in washing processes!

A visit to Brunner Drehtechnik GmbH in Röthenbach an der Pegnitz Turned parts, especially automatic turned parts, are an integral part of our everyday life. Hardly anyone will notice them in assemblies and end products, and yet these inconspicuous…

The time is ripe for hybrid hall heating systems!

The Climate Protection Act has been in force since August 2021. The German government has tightened climate protection targets and enshrined the goal of greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045. By 2030, emissions are already to be reduced by 65 percent…
Das neue Bürogebäude der mister*lady GmbH in Schwabach (Bildquelle: LK Metall)

Dust-free feel-good climate without drafts on 4,500 sqm

The German fashion retailer mister*lady relies on energy-efficient heating without dust and drafts. LK Metall installed an innovative heating and ventilation system as part of a new construction of a logistics center for the German fashion retailer…
Warmlufterzeuger RBW - Schonende Temperaturen auf 7.700 qm

Three different temperature ranges for sensitive goods

Euphoniums, cajons and agogos - all these wonderful musical instruments can be found in Treppendorf in the Steigerwald in the 7,700 square meter logistics halls of the Thomann music store. In total, there are about 24,000 items here - from guitars…
Ein Schallschutzkonzept von LK Metall - Reduzierung des Schallschutzpegels um rund 50%

Effective noise protection in a confined space at a height of 3.5 m

Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH has commissioned a new 600 t hydraulic press equipped with various temperature control technologies for lightweight components in its pilot plant. The press is used for processing fiber composites, metallic and…
Entfettungsbäder belasten das Abwasser
Waschlaugen wirkungsvoll von Ölen und Fetten reinigen

Reduce wastewater loads from degreasing baths

Reducing wastewater pollution from degreasing baths while saving costs in terms of environmental protection is an important issue in electroplating plants. The manufactured components must be degreased and freed from corrosion protection before…
Vision: CO2-neutral - Interview mit Harald Wimmer

Environmentally friendly industrial plants – for the sake of the climate!

An interview with Harald Wimmer Even before the 2021 federal election, sustainability and environmental protection were dominant topics in politics, society and business. The industry faces the major challenge of converting its plants to be…
Effizient und klimafreundlich! Beheizungslösungen für große Produktionshallen

Regulate 32,000 sqm to constant 18 °C hall temperature

The RBW decentralized warm air generators from LK Metall are an efficient and climate-friendly heating solution for large production halls. In order to heat the new light-flooded production hall with a total area of around 32,000 m2 evenly…
Ein rundum sauberes Projekt in der Schmiedeindustrie - Die 2-stufige Ultrafiltrationsanlage von LK reinigt stark verschmutzte Abwässer

An all-round clean project in the forging industry

LK Metall supplies a 2-stage water treatment plant, overcomes the challenges and lays the foundation for future cooperation. The customer is a leading global supplier of constant velocity drive shafts for the automotive industry with a total…
Gerhard Gleixner erfolgreich bei Megamarsch durch Mittelfranken!

Gerhard Gleixner successful at mega march through Middle Franconia!

Steadfastness and tenacity, but above all the ability to overcome the odd dry spell when it comes to achieving one's own goals on time: This is what distinguishes the company LK Metallwaren and its employees.   The goal that our Purchasing…