Custom sound insulation concepts for industry

Large machines and equipment in the industry not only diligently produce parts and components for a variety of devices, but also produce a lot of noise. Effective sound insulation with sound-insulating cabins, machine enclosures and silencers provides a direct reduction of noise and other disturbing sounds. A high level of noise not only impacts the concentration of employees, but can also adversely affect the efficiency of the operation.

Therefore, over 30 years, LK has successfully developed sound-insulating concepts for different industries and requirements. Based on detailed measurements of noise and frequency analysis, our expert engineers develop an individual and customised sound-insulating solution for each customer. We place our focus on both the depth of advice as well as the technical and economic implementation: construction and assembly work will be coordinated with our customers.

Sound-insulating concepts from LK-Metall

Protect your employees from noise at work!

Noise at work should not happen: It affects the well-being of employees and damages their health in the medium-term. Sound insulation and soundproofing is therefore an important health measure that can be quickly, efficiently and economically installed. Especially large offices with high noise levels need an effective sound-insulating concept. We address this directly from the source of the sound and achieve damping of noise through different sound absorbers. Additionally, we provide sound-absorbing panels and mats on the ceiling, creating pleasant room acoustics. For each client, we create individual solutions and room acoustics concepts.

Sound insulation and soundproofing for every requirement

The sound insulating steel components are manufactured by LK with modern CNC-equipped machine production. From complete sound-insulating cabins on machine

enclosures and partitions, to silencers, special installations and hanging absorbers for large halls, we offer the right sound insulation measure for every requirement. With our sound-insulating cabins, you can choose between a self-supporting sandwich design and robust overall design. You will receive machine enclosures with smooth-moving wing, sliding or lifting doors. These are quickly and easily installed and are available with various special components such as ventilation or fans. The silencer made of LK sheet steel, aluminium or stainless steel is also offered as a round or splitter silencer with and without integrated fan. Our own installation teams operate reliably and on schedule. Upon request, our customers can also order the individual elements preassembled and installed at your premises itself. User friendliness of the respective technology is a given at LK.