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Product overview

Our solutions for you

  • Protecting employees from the health-endangering effects of noise
  • Facilitated on-site communication for higher productivity and better working atmosphere
  • Reduction of noise emissions from the production building into the outdoor area

Each of these reasons alone is a strong argument for establishing effective noise control concepts in industrially used buildings. Whether noise reduction via the installation of soundproof booths, enclosures or the use of sound attenuators: When it comes to the optimal selection and integration of acoustic components, experience and know-how make all the difference!


Sound insulation and soundproofing for every requirement

We at LK Metallwaren have been successfully developing sound insulation concepts for a wide range of industries and requirements since 1978. Detailed sound level measurements and frequency analyses form the basis for our choice of the optimal solution. The design and installation effort are coordinated with our customers in the area of conflict between maximum effectiveness and appropriate economic efficiency.

From completely shielding soundproof booths and machine enclosures to the installation of sound absorbers and suspended absorbers to individually adapted acoustic concepts for large halls, we offer the right soundproofing measure for every requirement. We manufacture steel components in-house using the latest CNC technology.

In the field of soundproof cabins, we offer solutions with self-supporting sandwich construction, in robust or complete aluminum construction. We equip enclosures for your machines with smooth-running, quickly installed wing, sliding or lifting doors and can supplement these with ventilation systems or fans at the customer’s request. Silencers from LK Metallwaren are either round or splitter silencers made of sheet steel, aluminum or stainless steel, with or without integrated fans.

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Soundproof booths

Cut off the noise!

The closer they are to the source, the more efficiently noise protection devices work: This applies to the same extent to noise emissions caused by machines. According to their design – a complete enclosure or spatial separation of the noise source – soundproof booths offer particularly effective protection against industrial noise.

Soundproof cabin with telescopic sliding doors

The wall and ceiling elements of our soundproof booths are usually made of sheet steel, which has been soundproofed in combination with a mineral wool filling, thus significantly reducing the noise level. The advantage of such an enclosure is that it not only protects the personnel working on or near the machine from noise emissions that are harmful to health, but also the machine itself, as it prevents the ingress of dust and dirt particles, moisture or oils when covered appropriately.

Application examples

Depending on the application or building objective, room-high sound barriers protect employees from noise just as effectively (sound reduction index Rw= 40 dB with a wall thickness of only 50 mm).

We can erect such protective walls solidly or in sandwich construction – if necessary, with appropriate soundproof glazing.

  • Soundproof booths with soundproof glazing for transmission test benches and control station
  • Soundproof cabin with telescopic sliding doors
  • Noise protection hood on braiding machines
  • Soundproof booth with sliding doors for one press
  • Soundproof cabin for combined heat and power plant (CHP)

Everything you need to know

FivePlus advantages: soundproof booths

  • Choice of self-supporting sandwich construction, robust or lightweight frame construction
  • Various special installations such as venting, fans or filters possible
  • Installation of smooth-running sashes, sliding or lifting doors
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Optional air conditioning

More information
and technical details

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Machine enclosures

Reduce noise directly at the source

The same applies to machine noise: it is most efficiently stopped directly at the source. When noise levels are high, enclosing a machine is probably the most effective solution.

We at LK Metallwaren are specialists in sound insulation of machines. By using and adapting our sound insulation elements, we are able to reduce the noise level to a minimum (Rw = 40 dB with a wall thickness of only 50 mm) – and can thus exclude any form of health hazard for the personnel on site.

Depending on the use of the machine, fleece or foil covers are also used on the inside of the elements for machine enclosures as trickle protection or as shielding from moisture and oil mist.

Machine enclosures from LK Metallwaren are characterized by their particular flexibility and the ease with which additional components or functions can be integrated. For example, we can integrate (smooth-running) sliding doors or soundproofed viewing windows into the existing walls. Fans adapted to the requirements provide the necessary cooling of the units. Control elements can be mounted outside, so that operation is also possible from the outside.

  • Frame assembly for soundproofing
    (e.g. at a shredder plant)
  • Weatherproof sound enclosures on a shredder plant
  • Room-high sound insulation partition with aeration and ventilation
  • Soundproofing for offset printing press
Machine enclosures as a space concept

Everything you need to know

FivePlus advantages: Machine enclosure

  • Robust overall construction
  • Various special installations such as venting, fans, silencers or filters possible
  • Design optionally expandable in every respect
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Installation of smooth-running sashes, sliding or lifting doors

Silencers for ventilation systems

Optimal adaptation to your plant

We are experts in the design and implementation of silencer solutions, adapted to your specific noise situation on site. Silencers from LK Metallwaren are particularly suitable for reducing disturbing noise emissions from ventilation, exhaust systems or pressure lines to a minimum.

For optimum adaptation to the specific requirements of the plant, we offer both round and splitter silencers. These can each be extended by the installation of a fan, especially if it is necessary to dissipate existing process heat.

Depending on the location and purpose, we manufacture silencer housings from sheet steel, aluminum or stainless steel. The air flow rate can be designed from 300 m³/h to 300,000 m³/h. We also optimally adapt the other parameters for the design – including the frequency spectrum, the area available on site, and the potential pressure loss that occurs – to the respective conditions and coordinates on site.

Exhaust air silencer with weather protection grille
Exhaust air silencer integrated in the hall roof

Everything you need to know

FivePlus advantages: Silencer

  • Optimal silencer configuration according to individual requirements on site
  • Choice of round or splitter silencers
  • Enclosures made of sheet steel, aluminum or stainless steel
  • Integrated or separately installed fans
  • Circular silencers with and without inner core

More information
and technical details

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Room acoustics concepts

Reduce noise levels to a minimum

Especially in industrial halls with their multitude of potential noise generators, noise reduction is an ongoing issue. This serves primarily to protect against possible health hazards to on-site personnel, but also to ensure or improve communication between employees. A third important aspect is the reduction of sound emissions penetrating from the building to the outside. The more soundproof the industrially used rooms are designed, the stronger the effects on the overall noise level.

Room acoustic measure

Fully glazed surfaces, concrete ceilings and floors amplify sound effects – not only in terms of their dynamics, but also the reverberation time in the room. If the production does not allow for individual measures, or if they are insufficient, the only way to reduce the noise level to a minimum is to use a coherent acoustic concept that is adapted to the room conditions on site. We take the special requirements of certain sectors (such as the food or pharmaceutical industries) into account in order to avoid possible contamination, for example.

The measures applied within the framework of such concepts are diverse. These include suspended ceilings with horizontally or vertically installed elements, sound absorbers made of melamine or mineral-based PU foams. Specially shaped elements for hall ceilings can also significantly reduce the sound level. All of these measures help protect the health of your employees, facilitate on-site communication, and thus increase the productivity of your operation and the performance of your employees.

Room acoustics concepts

Everything you need to know

FivePlus advantages: Room acoustics concepts

  • Decades of experience in the creation and implementation of acoustic concepts
  • Contribution of special solutions
  • Ceiling coating on request
  • Compliance with all fire protection specifications
  • Customized solutions for industries with special requirements

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