Process technology for industry and trade

In the field of process technology LK Metall provides innovative systems for industry and trade that bring huge energy savings. With our Compact system PT and the Special heat exchangers, we provide a reduction of the energy demand of your machinery and equipment. When planning of process technology systems for industry and trade, we offer individual solutions and individual services. From the drafting of the idea to the realisation of your process technology solutions, we attach great importance to ensuring smooth implementation and economic efficiency. Convince yourself of our compact system PT for use in coating and drying processes and the special heat exchanger for three material combinations! 

Compact PT systems and special heat exchangers by
LK Not just hot air but energy-efficient system technology combined with high quality materials. LK Metall follows this principle in the area of process technology. In addition to special heat exchangers for various industrial applications and process technical combustion chambers, which are custom manufactured by LK since 2006. Since 2012 process technical systems for painting and drying processes are included in the portfolio.

Depending on the requirements, the combustion chambers are available in different material combinations such as heat and corrosion resistant stainless steel and are also being used in the compact, modular intake, exhaust, and recirculation units. As an alternative to the directly-heated combustion chamber, it is possible to generate the process heat in the painting and drying process through the use of gas surface burners, warm water pump damper or electric heating registers.

Here, LK Metall fulfils customer specifications and wishes, so the customer can decide which type of heating and can choose which process technical system specifications are relevant for him. A combination of several heat sources, e.g. a warm water pump registers as preheating stage and a combustion chamber as a downstream unit, to generate the process heat in the painting and drying process is possible. Process technical systems for every requirement Our engineers have several years of experience in the area of process technology and enjoy supporting you in the technical planning, organisation and implementation of process technical systems.