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Special heat exchangers and process engineering systems for industry and commerce

In the field of process technology, LK Metallwaren offers innovative systems for industry and commerce that bring enormous energy savings. With our LKPT compact system and the special heat exchanger, we ensure a reduction in the energy requirements of your machines and equipment.

Product overview

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Since 2006, LK Metallwaren has been manufacturing special heat exchangers for various industrial applications; in 2012, the construction of process air technology systems for painting and drying processes was added.

Since then, we have been able to continuously expand our know-how and are now one of the most renowned suppliers in this application segment.

Why process technology from LK Metallwaren?

With process technology from LK Metallwaren, you get mature technology that has been thought out down to the last detail, combined with a high level of consulting and service intensity.
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Kompaktní jednotka LKPT v horizontálním provedení

Our strengths: LK Metallwaren FünfPlus

Both in the area of process engineering equipment and heat exchangers, LK Metallwaren builds on selected standard components, which can then be expanded to meet a wide range of customer-specific requirements.

In the planning of process plants for industry and commerce, we offer you individual complete solutions as well as individual services.

Our quality standards are reflected in our equipment and heat exchangers in every single component. The best proof of this – a complaint rate approaching zero!

The decisive advantage for many of our customers is the very short delivery times compared to the industry average. This allows you to integrate the systems tailored to your requirements into your existing plant concept as quickly as possible.

Our components are already designed to be highly energy efficient as standard. Energy consumption can be reduced to a minimum by further upgrades or special designs (e.g. by using even more efficient but higher-priced motors).

The construction of compact plants with special sizes is associated with hardly any restriction for us: For example, we are currently the only manufacturer able to build such plants with air volumes of up to 65,000 m³/h.

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LKPT compact system

Energy efficient drying
and supply fresh air!

Energy-efficient plant technology combined with high-quality materials and maximum flexibility in the implementation of individual customer requirements: This is exactly what you will find in our LKPT compact plants. This is based on decades of experience and comprehensive know-how of our specialist engineers. They are always ready to help you with technical planning and organization in the implementation and maintenance of your equipment!

The customer decides how to heat

You choose – we plan and build your plant entirely according to your requirements.

The combustion chambers are available in various material combinations of heat-resistant or corrosion-resistant stainless steel and can also be used in the compact, modular supply, exhaust or recirculation units. Alternatively, the process heat in the painting and drying process can be generated via gas surface burners, pump hot water or electric heating coils.

The customer decides which heating mode is optimal for him and which process-related plant specifications are relevant for him. Combinations of several heat generators, e.g. a pumped hot water coil as preheating stage and a combustion chamber as downstream unit, can also be realized.

Optional expansion through additional component

The housing of the unit consists of galvanized frame profiles, aluminum die-cast corners, as well as insulated panels. Due to the installation of free-running radial impellers, the system generates little noise and delivers one of the lowest energy consumption values in the competition.

The LKPT compact plant for painting and drying processes can be designed in different sizes in horizontal as well as vertical positioning, depending on the project requirements. For this purpose, the following additional components, among others, can be installed in the system on request:

  • Exhaust air filter
  • Cross-flow heat exchanger for heat recovery
  • combined heating and cooling coils with droplet separator
  • upstream heating coil for supply air preheating
  • Accessories (thermostats, pressure boxes, flow rate stabilizers, FIs, etc.)

Functional description


  • The changeover flap is in the “coating” position
  • The supply air fan draws in fresh outside air and transports it via the heat exchanger into the painting and drying processes
  • At the same time, the exhaust fan extracts the polluted air from the paint booth
  • The heating system is controlled depending on the supply air temperature


  • The changeover flap is in the “Drying” position
  • The supply air fan works as a circulating fan. It draws in the preheated air from the drying booth and conveys it back into the painting and drying processes via the heat exchanger
  • The exhaust fan does not run
  • The heating system is controlled depending on the supply or recirculation air temperature
  • Fresh air can be added via an adjustable flap
Functional principle LKPT

Everything you need to know

FivePlus advantages: LKPT compact system

  • Coordinated heating and air performance
  • Freely selectable heating media: natural gas, liquid gas, oil, hot water, electricity
  • Low energy consumption due to high efficiencies
  • Heat recovery
  • Low noise

More information
and technical details

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Special heat exchanger

Energy-optimized specialists for heating, painting and drying processes

In their industrial applications, heat exchangers are mainly used to realize the transfer of thermal energy between different material flows. In order to achieve this with the lowest possible primary energy input and thus in a cost-optimized manner, LK Metallwaren offers special heat exchangers with high efficiencies for a variety of heating, painting and drying applications in three material combinations.

In the standard version, heavily stressed parts (such as combustion chamber drums) are made of heat-resistant alloyed steel.

In two special designs we offer combustion chambers made of heat-resistant alloy steel or heat- and corrosion-resistant Cr-Ni steel.

Speciální výměník tepla s izolovanou přední deskou

Special heat exchanger LKVDE

Special heat exchangers type LKVDE are designed (horizontally or vertically positioned) for installation in already existing housings. In the standard version, they allow heating by 60 Kelvin at a maximum discharge temperature of +300 degrees Celsius.

If required, we can also provide our customers with combustion chambers with higher heat output, higher heat-ups and additionally with customized exhaust gas ducts.

Speciální výměník tepla LKPTTK

Special heat exchanger LKT

Special heat exchangers type LKT are designed for process heat with Discharge temperatures of max. +100 degrees Celsius designed and are particularly suitable for use in ventilation systems and for painting and drying processes. They can be installed both horizontally and vertically in an insulated housing.

LKT heat exchangers are used as standard in our LKPT compact units (supply/return/recirculation units). They are also available to our customers as spare parts for defective equipment as well as for hot air furnaces.

Assuming a heating of the air flow of ∆T= 35 Kelvin and discharge temperatures of max. +100 degrees Celsius the following sizes or nominal heat outputs (see below) are available. If your requirements go beyond that – we will find a solution for you too!

Speciální výměník tepla LKNTS

Special heat exchanger LKNTS

The special heat exchanger LKNTS is designed for process heat with low discharge temperatures and condensing operation. Because of condensation, only heat- and corrosion-resistant Cr-Ni steels are used in the construction of the combustion chambers; in addition, they are surface-treated by spraying or dipping.

Each special heat exchanger is designed specifically for the customer in accordance with the process engineering specifications. Depending on the application, the efficiency of the combustion chamber can reach up to 92 percent.

The LKNTS is available in the following sizes:

Table LKVDE combustion chamber

Nominal heat output [kW]
50 58
75 87
100 116
150 174
180 208
250 290
350 406
450 522
550 638
650 754
800 928
1.000 1.160
1.500 1.740
2.000 2.320

Table LKT combustion chamber

Type LKT
Nominal heat output [kW]
0 So 65
0-I So 80
0 128
0-I 145
I 186
I-I 232
II 267
II-I 325
II-III 343
III 407
III-I 490
IV 523
IV-I 650

Table LKNTS combustion chamber

Type LKNTS Nominal heat output [kW]
30 34
50 58
80 92
120 139
160 185
200 232
250 290
320 371
400 464
500 580
600 696
800 928
1.000 1.160


Insulated front panels

Insulated faceplates are provided for special heat exchangers for installation in existing housings and ducts.

Insulation thickness is available as standard in the following sizes: 100, 150 and 200 mm; others are available on request.

Sliding flange

The sliding flange is designed for combustion chambers for safe penetration of existing insulated walls. The standard sliding flange is offered in insulation thicknesses of 100, 150 and 200 mm; thicknesses deviating from these can be realized at any time on request.

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Kraus & Harrer are specialists for process air heat exchangers from LK-Metall. For all industrial drying processes (powder dryers, paint dryers, wood dryers, etc.) Their central tasks include consulting, project planning and preparation of quotations.

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