Our LK stands for passion and know-how

Jobs and training

LK Metal goods

This is plant engineering out of passion – a passion that has now lasted for 160 years and has enabled us time and again to deliver special services in the fields of hall heating, sound insulation, water treatment, process technology and metal goods.


Strong team – strong environment

Whoever joins us can look forward to a strong environment, a team that both supports and drives them forward, and one thing above all that unites them: the enjoyment of carrying out joint projects – from planning to the construction of our plants to their installation – and thus inspiring our customers!

To keep it that way,
we expect of you:

  • Quality awareness: Because for us, quality is both a benchmark and a goal. Only through quality do we find our way to the customer.
  • Teamwork: Our facilities are the result of a team effort. The result is better the more we work and communicate with each other.
  • Accountability: Only those who assume responsibility in their area of responsibility create the space to optimize products as well as processes and to correct errors in a timely manner.
  • Independence: Being your own boss within a team – this is how you expand your know-how and character.
  • Talent: The best thing you can bring to your work with us is what you do best!

What we offer you for your knowledge
and offer your commitment:

  • An intact working environment characterized by recognition and mutual respect
  • An economically and financially stable background
  • The rapid transition to permanent positions if we are a good fit for each other
  • Flat hierarchies and correspondingly steep opportunities for advancement
  • Pay that is commensurate with your performance and commitment
  • 30 days of vacation to relax and enjoy
  • Company pension plan and capital-forming benefits
Trainee Team at LK Metallwaren

Current vacancies

Currently we have no vacancies to offer.

Have we aroused your interest in us as an employer?

That would be great, because we welcome every interested person who can help us move forward with their skills and drive – whether at our location in Schwabach (Central Franconia) or in Weißandt-Gölzau (Anhalt).


Let’s make a pact!

LK Metallwaren is a specialist in the production of climate-friendly and environmentally friendly industrial equipment. We set up hall heating systems, develop measures for noise control, treat industrial wastewater, install process technology and manufacture metal goods for our customers.

The good news is that there is a constant demand for specialists in these applications, because our products and services are needed in many industries.

But even top soccer teams can’t do without strong young talent: That’s why we and our customers always need support from your ranks.

What can we achieve together with you? Our idea: we can forge a joint training pact. You provide us with your talents, your skills and your power. In return, we offer you everything you need for your first real job, including of course: your first salary.

Strong team - strong environment

Why is training so important, and what can we in particular offer you?

  1. Training brings knowledge
    Your expertise and know-how will develop rapidly during your apprenticeship years with us. Be prepared that by the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll have mastered techniques like you never thought possible before.
  2. Training brings you further professionally
    We want our apprentices to have the best possible qualifications in their field, so that they later have the opportunity to go their own way. Whether with us or in another company: We create the conditions for you to develop further in your profession.
  3. Training makes you strong
    Above all, it strengthens your self-confidence, because you will not only increase your knowledge, you will also be able to practically prove this knowledge to others at any time.
  4. Training promotes team spirit
    For us, projects are one thing above all – joint projects. And you will notice: The more you can do, the more your team needs you.
  5. And of course: Training is fun!
    You don’t think so? Then just wait until you are with us!

Important to know: At LK Metallwaren, too, training naturally takes place according to the dual system of the BBiG over 3.5 years – alternately as a block in the company and in vocational school.

Obrábění kovů

What we need from you:

  • Briefly describe what you can do and what interests you about training with us
  • Attach a resume in table form with photo
  • Enclose a copy of your last three school reports
  • If available, send us your work references, internship certificates or letters of recommendation
  • Other certificates (e.g. language courses and training courses, etc.) or certificates of honorary positions (e.g. in sports clubs or volunteer fire departments) are also welcome.

Current apprenticeships

What we can offer you:

Apprenticeship as construction mechanic (f/m/d)
with the specialization fine sheet metal construction technology

As a construction mechanic, you are the planner and executor of your own projects! For the planning you use the technical documentation that we provide. On the basis of these, you will then manufacture components, assemblies and metal constructions from sheet metal, tubes or profiles using manual and mechanical manufacturing processes. You will learn how to weld and assemble the metal structures you make using the various joining techniques.

Construction Mechanics create auxiliary structures, jigs, templates, and unwinds. And they ensure the required quality through the use of test equipment and various test procedures. To this end, they carry out maintenance on plant, machinery and tools.
Good for your skills: at LK Metallwaren, you will learn all types of metal construction – from the preliminary work of raw materials, to mechanical processing, to the assembly of sheet metal and steel structures on the shop floor.

Have we aroused your interest in us as an employer?

Then we look forward to receiving your application, preferably by e-mail. Please be so kind and send us the documents in one coherent PDF document (no open Word documents) and please make sure that it does not exceed the size of 5 MB.

Fengel, Human Resources Department