Heating, ventilation, heat recovery

These value factors are combined in the hall heating manufactured by LK. We offer efficient and ecological systems that meet every need. Through the high efficiency of the heating systems, energy consumption is significantly reduced, thus saving on costs.

With their compact design, various technologies such as energy efficient warm air heaters, reliable air-curtains or effective solar air collectors ensure warmth and a healthy indoor climate. Effectively heat large halls using various technologies With the decentralised LK warm air heaters, save on your heating costs by up to 50%. The heat generation and heat transfer takes place using the same device. This system is available with innovative condensing boiler technology. With this technology, in addition to the combustion heat, the heat of condensation of water vapour is used in the exhaust gas. The system efficiency for this technology is 106% (based on the calorific value). In our assortment, you can also find powerful ventilation systems, our Ventilation system RK-K has an efficiency of 100% (based on the calorific value) and is powered by natural gas or LPG, while the Ventilation system REKU has an efficiency of up to 73% for high operational reliability and low maintenance costs.

LK Air Heater Type RBW

Ventilation Type REKU
Solar Air Collector

Other technologies for efficient heating and ventilation of buildings and large buildings are our TL-R and INDAC air curtains, which provide for a reduction in cold air from open doors. In addition, please contact us for solar air collectors for resource-efficient heating of rooms, mixing air distributors for reduction of energy costs and return air ceiling fans for thermal equilibrium. Our user-friendly EC 5000 Energy Controller can be used for optimum heat and ventilation control of hall heating.

Application possibilities for our hall heating
LK hall heating and conditioning systems are used in workshops, sports and production halls, as well as in logistics and commercial buildings. Renewable forms of heating such as geothermal energy and solid fuels are the key for the central ventilation systems made by LK. These systems are equipped with a supply and exhaust fan. The exhaust air is conducted via an integrated heat recovery with an efficiency of up to 73%.

All LK hall heating systems meet the current Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and the requirements of the Renewable Energy Act (EEWärmeG).