Torluftschleier IndAC

Air curtain IndAC 

Opened hall doors and cold stays out

To enable internal transport between production halls in order to save time, doors are often open for a longer time. This applies to doors which lead to the outside, for example during loading and unloading. Moreover, this leads to heat losses that have a negative impact on energy costs. 

The IndAC air curtain can be installed horizontally or vertically. A combination of both assembly variants is also possible. Through the modular design, multiple devices can be assembled next to each other and on top of one another. In this way, all door widths and door heights can be covered. In environments with critical air quality or heavily polluted air, a filter module can contribute to improving the blown air and / or keeping the device clean. 

Before installing the air curtain, it must be checked in each case whether the air ratios in the hall are balanced and no negative pressure is present. 

Overview of air curtain IndAC

  • free hall access 
  • suitable for problematic door constructions
  • optimal solution for almost any installation
  • numerous control possibilities
  • less cold air entering from the door
  • high energy savings
  • small draughts with a balanced climate
  • flexible suspension system
  • simplest service and maintenance
  • heating with pumped warm water damper register or electric heat register