Thermovent mixed air distributor

The supply air is supported by the integrated "Thermovent mixed air distribution" to achieve a steady reduction in the supply air blow temperature. The "Thermovent mixed air distribution" was developed specifically for decentralised heating and ventilation systems and helps to significantly minimise energy costs. The air distribution system with two built-in low-pressure axial fans for the controlled mixing of secondary air into the supply air uses existing process heat.

Due to the special arrangement of the axial fans in the "Thermovent mixing air distribution", via the injector action, the primary air flow from the direct fired warm air heater is mixed with the secondary air stream. Thus, the temperature of the supply air distributed is considerably reduced, thus achieving a lower difference in temperature to room temperature by up to 50% with the air distributor. Especially in high halls, due to the reduced heat-up temperature differential, the thermal lift from the floor to the roof is significantly lowered. The differential in temperature from the ground to the roof is between 0.1 ° K and 0.4 ° K per meter.

Overview of Thermovent mixed air distributor

  • controlled admixture of secondary air
  • differential temperature from the roof to the ground 0.1 ° K to 0.4 ° K is per meter
  • uses existing process heat