LK light liquid separator on washing system

LK separator for deoiling and degreasing in washing processes!

A visit to Brunner Drehtechnik GmbH in Röthenbach an der Pegnitz

Turned parts, especially automatic turned parts, are an integral part of our everyday life. Hardly anyone will notice them in assemblies and end products, and yet these inconspicuous and small parts make an enormous contribution to the function of countless devices, machines or little helpers. It is therefore all the more important that these parts receive the attention they deserve in order to guarantee the function and quality of the user’s products. Brunner Drehtechnik GmbH is already producing such parts in the third generation with the support of experienced and competent employees as well as very modern machinery. Owner Michael Brunner is convinced that when man and machine, customer and supplier work together like cogs, the optimum can be achieved.

LK light liquid separator on washing system
LK light liquid separator at washing plant

Circulating washing medium of an automated basket washing plant rinses off residues from the manufacturing process of components, for example screws. To the great disadvantage, oil concentrates very high and emulsions are formed. The exchange of the medium plus professional and expensive disposal are considerable effort and cost factor. Michael Brunner states: “In a further consultation meeting arranged at short notice, the LK technical and process engineers were able to offer me solutions and underlined this with a loan LK separator system built for aboveground use. This was based on the stock media, temperature and performance of the basket washing plant. Conversion work on the actual plant was to be virtually eliminated.” The commissioning was completed quickly. In the LK separation system, process media, usually water, are separated from the entrained oil by physical means without the need for any additional installation parts. The separated oil is separated from the surface and collects in a separate oil tank.

Circulation medium before use of the LK separator compared to the clean water freed from oils and greases.
Circulation medium before use of the LK separator compared to the clean water freed from oils and greases.

Michael Brunner explains further: “This System-LK mode of operation convinced me immediately. Instead of manually removing oil from the medium every day, as was previously the case, and losing a lot of expensive washing medium in the process, and permanently refilling cleaner to the target quantity, the system now separates the oil introduced outside operating hours and returns the washing medium to the washing process. The LK technology fully meets our goals for improvements in this area.” Circulation medium before use of the LK separator compared to the clean water freed from oils and greases.

The Brunner team has now been operating the new LK separator, additionally equipped with full thermal insulation, for several months. “With this investment in technology from LK-Metallwaren, we have found the optimal solution. Extremely low operating costs coupled with the improvement in the quality of the washing process and the associated product quality, as well as the time savings and the savings in energy and cleaning agents are not mutually exclusive thanks to the equipment from LK Metallwaren.”

LK Metallwaren GmbH has supplied the largest number of plants for degreasing and oil removal to industry and commerce, some of the plants are also operated by LK. Operational safety, trouble-free operation, easy handling, very long durability, possibility of extensions and flexible application sites are further arguments why 40 years of intensive and successful operation can be shown in all business fields of LK, especially in water treatment. LK-Metallwaren GmbH is constantly expanding in four business areas in order to advance existing technology and new developments adapted to environmental and market requirements.

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