Norbert Schiedel receives certificate and medal on anniversary 22 August 2023

Welcome to the LK Club of 25!

Anyone who remains loyal to a company for 25 years has long since become not only a part of that company, but that company is also a part of him. This is certainly the case with Norbert Schiebel, our “generator” in internal sales. LK Metallwaren, that much is certain, would be a different company without him. This is mainly due to the fact that he initiated the water treatment sector and built it up into what it is today: one of the five pillars of our company’s portfolio of products and services.

However, these twenty-five years of staff membership also vouch for something else: namely, stability and reliability, solidarity and commitment. Norbert Schiebel displays all these qualities in the best sense. Added to this is a competence based on broad knowledge as well as the conscientiousness and precision with which he carries out his tasks in the field of separation technology – parallel to the precision with which he aims and hits his targets in his spare time at his beloved shooting club.

Born, raised and still living in Spalt today, he has remained just as true to his homeland. After his training as a state-certified mechanical engineer, he joined LK Metallwaren in Schwabach in 1998 after a stopover at a municipal supplier of water technology in Roth. As a technically skilled inside salesman, his responsibilities take in the entire spectrum from sales to design, development and project planning of orders. As an in-house expert for light liquid separators, he also performs his function as WHG officer in the company as steadfastly as he did ten or twenty years ago.

As is the case for everyone who becomes a member of the exclusive 25-man club at LK Metallwaren, Norbert Schiedel also received his certificate and medal on the anniversary on August 22, 2023. But the greatest joy he will give his well-wishers – especially the LK water treatment team – is that he will remain with us for many more years to come!

Classic oil weirs for emergency use - since 1987

Mobile for every need!

Mobile light liquid separators are available today for a wide range of applications. Sophisticated solutions from LK Metallwaren ensure maximum robustness and highest efficiency even for demanding applications!

In addition to the use of stationary separators, the application radius of mobile plants has recently also expanded more and more. These have long since been used not only in standard applications such as the treatment of washing water before it is discharged into the sewers or of rainwater in service stations, but also for direct protection against water or soil contamination. The range here now extends from industrial (process) water treatment and wastewater generated in the overall area of production or disposal to water pollution control and the elimination of leakages.

Mobile separators from LK Metallwaren have proven their worth across the entire spectrum of application variants for over thirty years now. Based on a technology that has proven itself over decades – filterless separation via a double-acting oil separation principle – we have further developed our solutions for a wide range of applications in response to increasing demand. These combine technical effectiveness, or the highest degrees of separation, with a high degree of robustness and the (very) long service life generally praised in LK solutions.

To date, we supply our customers with high-performance separators in a number of different mobile variants. The advantage of the LK separator system here is that the separation of the water from the contaminated light liquids does not require the use of moving parts, while still providing the required performance even under more stringent wastewater values.

The separator systems made of stainless steel are always constructed from the same proven components. The most important elements here are the sludge trap, a separator (with flow rates from 1.5 up to 100 liters per second), and a collection tank for the oil separated from it.

For a variety of applications, the benefits offered by mobile solutions are obvious. Thus, the installed equipment can be drained right on site: The water cleaned of the light liquid is discharged into the sewer system after separation, and the separated light liquid flows into the oil storage tank.

In this regard, LK Metallwaren offers users the full range of turnkey solutions: from transportable units delivered with a lifting device or on trailers, to separators permanently mounted on trucks, to complete containerized units delivered with the desired peripherals for more permanent use on site.

In the process, operators of mobile light liquid separators from LK Metallwaren benefit from the same advantages offered by the use of stationary LK systems. First and foremost, this includes constant efficiency for highly reliable operation. Fill levels can also be monitored remotely. In addition, cleaning and maintenance measures can be reduced to the necessary minimum due to the corrosion-resistant and particularly stable design. Requirements according to DIN 1999-100/101 and DIN EN 858-1/2 are met with the LK oil separator solutions and can be supplemented, as desired, with a comprehensive service and maintenance package for maximum operator safety.

Experience from over 30 years of LK separator technology
– Application and technology more current than ever

Classic oil firefighting equipment for emergency use - since 1987
Classic oil firefighting equipment for emergency use – since 1987. Here, the trailer solutions creates an optimal starting position for a quick deployment on the highway or at other locations (especially in case of leakage of oily liquid). This creates the possibility not only to pump out oils, but also to recycle them directly before. Such oil fire departments are also used on larger industrial sites, which are equipped with their own plant fire department.

For the transport of mobile separators on suitable trucks for delivery during temporary operations.
Compact dimensions as a central design requirement: for the transport of mobile separators on suitable trucks for delivery during temporary operations.

The “big mobile solution” – here using the example of a complete separator and filter station. If necessary, such a system can also replace the use of larger plants and is particularly useful when large quantities of liquids need to be pumped out and recycled. Such permanently installed “truck solutions” can, of course, also be equipped with additional peripheral devices in accordance with the permissible size.

Highly mobile - ready for use as quickly as possible, the separator system in the standard version with lifting fork pockets, crane eyes or heavy-duty rollers is mainly used in the industrial sector
Highly mobile – ready for use as quickly as possible, the separator system in the standard version with lifting fork pockets, crane eyes or heavy-duty rollers is mainly used in the industrial sector, as it can be used in quick succession at the collection areas of several plants or machines.

Equally compact and hypermobile - the trailer solution

Equally compact and hypermobile - the trailer solution
Equally compact and hypermobile – the trailer solution. Such permanently mounted separator-trailer combinations are used in particular for projects where operations have to be carried out within a defined radius. Examples of this are the extraction of oily components from rainwater catch basins or oil leakages from bodies of water.

The complete container solution can accommodate not only all separator and filtration components, but also all peripheral equipment.
The complete container solution can accommodate not only all separator and filtration components, but also all peripheral equipment. In addition, it has the advantage that public or private operators do not have to provide their own premises for the equipment to be installed. Another advantage: They are supplied and connected by LK Metallwaren as fully pre-assembled and thoroughly tested plug-and-play solutions!

The LK separator in combination with ultrafiltration, splitting plants and LK tangential separator.

Efficient recycling of industrial water

In today’s plant engineering, understanding “non-monetary” facts from the environment, politics and economics is essential for effective and safe operation. This applies to new plants as well as existing technology. Changes in all areas require us, as operators as well as plant constructors, to reduce costs in conjunction with resource-conserving environmental protection.

The treatment of process water and industrial wastewater is an important contribution by companies to the issue of sustainability. By effectively removing oil, sludge, heavy metals and other pollutants, companies can not only reduce their environmental impact, but also save valuable resources.

Separators, filtration and splitting plants

Various processes are used to purify this wastewater. One of them is the use of LK separators in combination with ultrafiltration, cracking plants and LK tangential separators. The treatment is always “from coarse to fine”. To meet the specific requirements of each plant, these processes are used in various combinations. They can also be retrofitted to existing systems as required.

Separators are used in industry primarily where large quantities of wastewater are generated and high concentrations of pollutants are present. This is mainly the case for efficient separation of oil and dirt particles (solids) from wastewater and process water, especially finer particles.

LK separators with integrated oil extractor are manufactured on the basis of LGA System-H test certificates, normative regulations and 40 years of experience in application. Due to their classic cuboid design, they are very space-saving and can usually be easily integrated into existing systems.

Tangential separators are used for high sludge contents and heavy oils (graphite oil) or other difficult-to-separate oily compounds with a density of 0.90 g/cm³ or higher. The special effectiveness of
LK tangential separators
is based on their three-phase separation, consisting of light phase, clean water phase and sediment phase, as well as a double-acting oil extractor. The high design allows small footprints, which makes it possible to integrate the separator even in confined spaces. The purified water can then be directed from there to the next step in the purification process.

Another process, usually downstream of separation, is ultrafiltration. Here, the wastewater is pressed through a fine membrane.

LK light liquid separator on washing system

LK separator for deoiling and degreasing in washing processes!

A visit to Brunner Drehtechnik GmbH in Röthenbach an der Pegnitz

Turned parts, especially automatic turned parts, are an integral part of our everyday life. Hardly anyone will notice them in assemblies and end products, and yet these inconspicuous and small parts make an enormous contribution to the function of countless devices, machines or little helpers. It is therefore all the more important that these parts receive the attention they deserve in order to guarantee the function and quality of the user’s products. Brunner Drehtechnik GmbH is already producing such parts in the third generation with the support of experienced and competent employees as well as very modern machinery. Owner Michael Brunner is convinced that when man and machine, customer and supplier work together like cogs, the optimum can be achieved.

LK light liquid separator on washing system
LK light liquid separator at washing plant

Circulating washing medium of an automated basket washing plant rinses off residues from the manufacturing process of components, for example screws. To the great disadvantage, oil concentrates very high and emulsions are formed. The exchange of the medium plus professional and expensive disposal are considerable effort and cost factor. Michael Brunner states: “In a further consultation meeting arranged at short notice, the LK technical and process engineers were able to offer me solutions and underlined this with a loan LK separator system built for aboveground use. This was based on the stock media, temperature and performance of the basket washing plant. Conversion work on the actual plant was to be virtually eliminated.” The commissioning was completed quickly. In the LK separation system, process media, usually water, are separated from the entrained oil by physical means without the need for any additional installation parts. The separated oil is separated from the surface and collects in a separate oil tank.

Circulation medium before use of the LK separator compared to the clean water freed from oils and greases.
Circulation medium before use of the LK separator compared to the clean water freed from oils and greases.

Michael Brunner explains further: “This System-LK mode of operation convinced me immediately. Instead of manually removing oil from the medium every day, as was previously the case, and losing a lot of expensive washing medium in the process, and permanently refilling cleaner to the target quantity, the system now separates the oil introduced outside operating hours and returns the washing medium to the washing process. The LK technology fully meets our goals for improvements in this area.” Circulation medium before use of the LK separator compared to the clean water freed from oils and greases.

The Brunner team has now been operating the new LK separator, additionally equipped with full thermal insulation, for several months. “With this investment in technology from LK-Metallwaren, we have found the optimal solution. Extremely low operating costs coupled with the improvement in the quality of the washing process and the associated product quality, as well as the time savings and the savings in energy and cleaning agents are not mutually exclusive thanks to the equipment from LK Metallwaren.”

LK Metallwaren GmbH has supplied the largest number of plants for degreasing and oil removal to industry and commerce, some of the plants are also operated by LK. Operational safety, trouble-free operation, easy handling, very long durability, possibility of extensions and flexible application sites are further arguments why 40 years of intensive and successful operation can be shown in all business fields of LK, especially in water treatment. LK-Metallwaren GmbH is constantly expanding in four business areas in order to advance existing technology and new developments adapted to environmental and market requirements.

Brunner Turning Technology GmbH

Degreasing baths pollute waste water Effectively remove oils and greases from wash liquors

Reduce wastewater loads from degreasing baths

Reducing wastewater pollution from degreasing baths while saving costs in terms of environmental protection is an important issue in electroplating plants.

The manufactured components must be degreased and freed from corrosion protection before a painting or coating process. With the light liquid separator from LK Metall, it is possible to use the contaminated wash liquor in the degreasing bath for a significantly longer period of time without additional chemicals by extreme removal of the accumulating oil.

LK light liquid separator: suitably designed for degreasing processes
LK light liquid separator: suitably designed for degreasing processes

Continuously remove oil from wash liquor

To degrease the components, they are immersed in degreasing baths and cleaned with the help of cleaning chemicals at a temperature of up to 90 °C. The oils and greases (light liquids) remain in the bath and, after a certain concentration, lead to saturation of the wash liquor. In turn, the floating oils contaminate the components and lead to a loss of quality in further processing. Suction of the oil by a simple skimmer on the surface of the wash liquor is often insufficient and too low in efficiency. Integrated into existing galvanizing processes, the easy-to-operate and low-maintenance light liquid separator from LK Metall continuously removes the oil from the wash liquor. A physically operating oil separator built into the system solves this task reliably and particularly economically. The disposal intervals are considerably extended. The oil separator guarantees high safety and long service life.

Process water treatment: degreasing with LK separator system

Process water treatment: degreasing with LK separator system

Longer service life reduces disposal cycles

Fully integrated into the ongoing production process, the service life of the degreasing bath is extended from about one week to around eight weeks. Compared to weekly disposal, this means an increase in service life of up to 8 times and thus a significant reduction in disposal cycles. An additional cost savings is achieved in the reduced load on the neutralization plant. Thus, on average, more than 100 liters of pure oil are separated within the first eight weeks after startup. At the same time, this means a substantial saving in chemicals. Adapted to the corresponding size of the degreasing bath, the LK light liquid separator can be integrated into almost any production process.