Enclosure of an already existing plant

Complex requirements – mastered brilliantly!

For a major customer in the construction sector, LK Metallwaren enclosed an existing plant and was thus able to reduce the noise level and increase occupational safety in the vicinity of the plant at the same time.

At the end of March 2023, an internationally renowned construction company with more than 6,000 employees and its main location in the Bavarian Upper Palatinate had commissioned LK Metallwaren with an extensive noise and occupational safety project. The starting point for the customer’s order was the new acquisition of a production plant with an above-average noise intensity as a disturbance factor. In order to provide a permanent remedy, the customer decided to completely enclose the plant. An integral part of this planning was the associated establishment of a “safety zone”, which ensured that sufficient distances to the plant were maintained during operation.

Enclosure of an already existing plant

Enclosure made with already existing plant

The design and construction of the enclosure presented a number of different challenges. Thus, the central requirement was that all environment parameters had to be considered as “set”. Since the plant had already been fully erected and commissioned, the enclosure had to be adapted accordingly. The standard components, in particular wall and ceiling panels, door and window elements, the surrounding protective grids and the openings for the material flow and supply lines, were first adapted or cut to size on site. Added to this was the inclusion of a stairway that covered the enclosure on one of the short sides of the wall, while also leading to an accessible second level above the enclosure.

Adapted on site and set up ready for operation within two weeks

Despite the partly complex structural requirements for the installation of the protection zones and soundproofing chamber, the LK Metallwaren fitters made rapid progress with their work. After the planning for the enclosure had been completed and subsequently approved at the beginning of May, the enclosure with all door and window elements was erected on site within two weeks and completed ready for use with all penetrations and cabling for plant operation.

The fact that the tasks at hand could be carried out with the utmost craftsmanship despite the tight time window was due in particular to the close communication with our customer and the flexibility with which LK Metallwaren was able to supply and process standard components as well as custom-made special parts (e.g. for sealing the enclosure). This also demonstrated the advantages of adapting noise control and other components to an existing plant and its immediate surroundings. In this way, not only can possible planning errors be eliminated, but also a speedy, true-to-scale assembly on site can be ensured.

The result of the thoughtfully coordinated planning and execution work was ultimately also a real eye-catcher visually. At the end of the project, there was not only an enclosure that effectively fulfilled its purpose as a noise protection measure and also increased occupational safety for the plant operators: It also became a real “eye-catcher” within the entire production sector thanks to its appealing, functional design.

Enclosure of an already existing plant

Complex requirements mastered with flying colors

Sebastian Kontusch, Technical Sales Manager Soundproofing, summed it up as follows: “All in all, an extraordinary performance by our LK fitters and the entire team that supported them within the scope of their tasks. Together, we not only mastered the complex requirements on site with flying colors, but also delivered a result that, from a purely visual point of view, cannot be described as ‘Hausen’. The customer, at any rate, was highly satisfied.”