With the LK warm air generator GCS, 100% of the outside air is used to obtain heat via heat pumps

Optimal climate throughout the year

Resource-saving – cost-saving – climate-friendly: With the LK Warm Air Generator GCS, LK Metallwaren has developed a new generation of hall heaters. It guarantees industrial companies optimal climatic conditions throughout the year and does not require fossil fuels.

The war in Ukraine, which broke out in February 2022, has recently made the one-sided dependence of our energy supply in Germany abundantly clear. This makes it all the more important now to create the conditions for a shift away from fossil fuels toward an increasingly self-sufficient supply of renewable energies.
The heating of large production halls or warehouses is a central and also costly component of this supply. With the LK warm air generator GCS the Schwabach-based plant manufacturer LK Metallwaren now provides industrial companies with a heating system that combines all the requirements of an energy supply via regenerative heat generators with the demands currently placed on a modern, maximally climate-neutral solution.

The LK GCS warm air heater – the GCS stands for “Green Climate System” – was designed to operate completely without fossil fuels for the intended heating of the halls. Heat is recovered via an air-to-air heat pump and thus uses the “most cost-effective” resource of all: the air surrounding us. The user can regulate to the exact percentage point the proportion of outside air or ambient air that the GCS warm air heater draws into the hall. Here, air heating takes place via a heating coil specially adapted for this purpose, which is directly connected to the heat pump outdoor units.

When outside temperatures are cold, a drop in heat pump performance must naturally be taken into account. To cover peak loads, the “Green Climate System” uses an electric reheating coil so that fossil fuels do not have to be used in these cases either. The system behaves in its mode of operation similar to