The new "grill team" from the LK branch in Weißandt-Gölzau after a four-hour culinary tour and meal at the Weber Grill Academy Leipzig.

Under professional guidance to fully develop the taste!

Staff outing: Team “LK Weißandt-Gölzau”

The corona break was quite a disaster for many, not only in terms of health but also socially. In order to really get back on track here, it is important to revive cherished traditions. And that’s where employee events play an important role in socializing and boosting team spirit!

In keeping with this maxim, the LK employees at the Weißandt-Gölzau branch came up with something special for the organization of the first “post-coronal” get-together. Barbecuing was top of the list. What may sound bourgeois at first turned out to be food preparation and consumption “de luxe” in this case.

The plan was to visit the “Weber Grill Academy Leipzig“!

To get there and back, a charter bus was organized by LK Metallwaren for Friday, 4 August in the late afternoon – a significant contribution not only financially, but also socially, as it gave them the opportunity to “enjoy” the barbecue in a dignified manner.

With the exception of one case of illness, the entire Gölzau LK team was on tour. The aim of the course “Best of Grillacademy” course was heading towards during the course of the evening made the participants’ mouths water as soon as they started.

Prepared as a dish (to read and enjoy):

  • Salmon trout with Chardonnay sabayone
  • Roast beef from Irish Hereford beef with Guinness sauce
  • lukewarm Valrhona chocolate soft cake with peach ragout and whisky cream sauce

Then it was time – the actual “coronation ceremony” – to help these dishes develop their full flavor on the charcoal, electric or gas grill under professional guidance.

The barbecue and barbecue-related processes were one highlight, the fun of cooperation and communication outside the daily work routine the other. In addition, the participants were able to take home essential knowledge about the various barbecue methods and use it there for future guests. The absolute highlight, however, was enjoying the home-made barbecue delicacies. After a four-hour culinary tour and meal, the barbecue team returned home at around ten o’clock in the evening happy, satisfied and full to an almost unimaginable degree!