Clean water for a clean environment and professional teamwork between client and contractor. This makes projects fun!

Clean water for clean electricity

LK light liquid separator for the Isartal hydropower plant

Hydropower plants are still one of the most environmentally friendly and climate-friendly ways of generating energy. The Isar power plant at the Tölz reservoir is a striking example of this. Commissioned at the end of the 1950s, it has been producing around ten million kilowatt hours of electricity every year for over six decades, supplying more than 3,500 households and thus covering a quarter of Bad Tölz ‘s total energy requirements.

For the first time in a long time, extensive maintenance work was scheduled for 2022/23. These primarily affected the two turbines, the centerpieces of the power plant. As a result of successful maintenance, the power plant’s electricity yield was also increased once again. To carry out the work, the turbine area first had to be drained – and this with a water flow rate of around 30,000 liters of water per second. In order to reach the submerged components and isolate them from the water flow using a valve gate, the general contractor, Voith Hydro, deployed a diver to support the preparatory work required for draining.

As part of this comprehensive package of measures to upgrade the power plant, LK Metallwaren was commissioned to supply a separator for treating the seepage water from the two turbines.

The project preparation was highly professional – starting with the detailed planning, which was carried out from November 2022 to January 2023 with the project managers in close cooperation with LK Metallwaren. In spring 2023, a joint on-site meeting was arranged with Christian Steinbacher from the power plant operator, Stadtwerke Bad Tölz. The visit to the machine hall of the hydropower plant was primarily used for a final assessment of the installation situation in the turbine area and the subsequent planning of the assembly measures.

The construction of the separator system at LK Metallwaren’s main site in Schwabach was completed in just ten weeks, as previously estimated. The delivery includes a
light liquid separator
of type A15UNO-R1-K1 with sludge trap. The separator system is equipped with level measurement and pump control. It is also possible to empty the oil reservoir at the touch of a button using a compressed air diaphragm pump.

The water contaminated by the necessary lubrication of the shafts is separated directly at the turbine using the separator system. In this way, the leakage of grease, oil and light liquids containing hydrocarbons can be effectively prevented with the LK separator and the cleaned leachate can be discharged into the Isar.

The LK team carried out the installation, assembly, piping connection and electrical work as planned and then subjected it to a general inspection during commissioning. The successful cooperation will be continued: LK-Metallwaren will support the plant with the LK separator service in future at the request of the operator!

Conclusion: Clean water for a clean environment and professional teamwork between client and contractor. This makes projects fun!