We also wanted to make the acquisition of two buses for mobile operation of the IFK possible and now decorate the rear window with our logo.

Together we tackle it!

Together with other companies from the region, we donated for the purchase of two buses for the mobile care of children and young people who are difficult to educate.

Since 1981, the Initiative für familienähnliche Kleinstheime e. V., IFK for short, has been caring for children and young people from precarious backgrounds. The social activities and services offered by the association have long since gone beyond the original home care and today include the commitment to social group work, but above all also offers in the field of mobile care. Although the care of the children in care is basically ensured, the financial possibilities for equipping the facility and providing additional assistance are extremely limited.

This case involved the purchase of two buses, which were urgently needed by the IFK as part of its mobile care services. In order to raise the funds required for the purchase, the Institut für Stadtmarketing Lorenz GmbH had launched a call for donations to companies in Schwabach and the surrounding area in the spring of 2022.

The campaign proved to be a complete success! The companies in the region once again showed their willingness to donate, and also we from LK Metallwaren were also on board with a donation check in the amount of 2,150 euros. In return, we were allowed to have our logo immortalized on the glass surface in the rear area of the new vehicle and are thus present as an advertising medium on all future trips.

The handover of the two vehicles to the IFK in Schwabach took place on June 7. In addition to the two directors of the IFK, Annette Bogner and Sabine Himmer (deputy), LK marketing manager Harald Wimmer was also on site at the IFK’s place of action.

The entire LK team wishes the IFK a lot of fun and all around accident-free trips with the two buses!