Norbert Schiedel receives certificate and medal on anniversary 22 August 2023

Welcome to the LK Club of 25!

Anyone who remains loyal to a company for 25 years has long since become not only a part of that company, but that company is also a part of him. This is certainly the case with Norbert Schiebel, our “generator” in internal sales. LK Metallwaren, that much is certain, would be a different company without him. This is mainly due to the fact that he initiated the water treatment sector and built it up into what it is today: one of the five pillars of our company’s portfolio of products and services.

However, these twenty-five years of staff membership also vouch for something else: namely, stability and reliability, solidarity and commitment. Norbert Schiebel displays all these qualities in the best sense. Added to this is a competence based on broad knowledge as well as the conscientiousness and precision with which he carries out his tasks in the field of separation technology – parallel to the precision with which he aims and hits his targets in his spare time at his beloved shooting club.

Born, raised and still living in Spalt today, he has remained just as true to his homeland. After his training as a state-certified mechanical engineer, he joined LK Metallwaren in Schwabach in 1998 after a stopover at a municipal supplier of water technology in Roth. As a technically skilled inside salesman, his responsibilities take in the entire spectrum from sales to design, development and project planning of orders. As an in-house expert for light liquid separators, he also performs his function as WHG officer in the company as steadfastly as he did ten or twenty years ago.

As for everyone who becomes a member of the exclusive 25 Club at LK Metallwaren, Norbert Schiebel also received a certificate and medal on the anniversary on August 22, 2023. But the greatest joy he will give his well-wishers – especially the LK water treatment team – is that he will remain with us for many more years to come!