16 heat exchangers exported to the USA and Mexico for use in drying processes

Special heat exchangers for overseas export!

In April 2023, we received an order from a renowned special plant manufacturer from Münsterland to supply 16 heat exchangers for use in drying processes. Four of the combustion chambers ordered were to be delivered to the customer by mid-June and the other twelve by the beginning of January 2024, from where they were to be exported to the USA and Mexico.

The key requirements for the design and final dimensioning of the combustion chambers were the high volume flow of 80,000 m³/h, which had to be heated to a discharge temperature of 100 degrees Celsius during the heat exchange process. To achieve this, a heating output of 365 kW was required. In view of the high air flow rate in particular, none of the standard exchangers used by LK Metallwaren could be considered for delivery. When designing the solution, particular attention had to be paid to the heating surface load, which could not be too high, the air velocity across the combustion chamber and exchanger tubes and the exhaust gas velocity. Once again, our many years of experience in the design and manufacture of indirect-fired special heat exchangers proved invaluable in this project.
special heat exchangers
to our advantage!

16 heat exchangers exported to the USA and Mexico for use in drying processes

In order to guarantee the heat and corrosion resistance required for the replacement process, particularly high-quality austenitic steels in material grades 1.4828 (excellent heat resistance) and 1.4541 (high corrosion resistance) were used.

The final point was another LK Metallwaren strength: our delivery reliability. As a result, both the first four and the following twelve special heat exchangers were delivered to the customer “on time”, i.e. before the specified deadline!